Frequently Asked Question

Q. How do I purchase my snacks and refreshment?

A. You can purchase your meals here after booking your Jambojet ticket. You will also receive a reminder with a link to the page in the Pre-Departure Email sent 48 hours before your travel.

Q. Can I purchase the snacks and refreshments at our sales offices or call the contact center to book?

A. At the moment, this is a web service only

Q. Can I change my meal after paying or during in-flight?

A. Yes, you can change the order online or inflight, if the order is of equal value or less.

Note: A refund of the difference will not be provided if the value is lower. If the value is higher than what was ordered, the guest will need to request for the change of order when in flight and top up in cash.

Q. Can I book and pay while onboard?

A. No, all preorder bookings must be paid for in advance. It will still possible to request for meals and refreshments on board and pay in cash

Q. How late can I purchase my meal before flight departure?

A. It is only possible to purchase a meal up to 6hrs before your flight scheduled departure time. However one can still purchase in-flight.

Q. What should I do if I don’t receive my order confirmation email after making payments?

A. This will happen if the request is still in the queue. Wait for 1 hour to lapse, and if you still haven’t received the confirmation email, call our contact center on __ and they will be happy to assist.

Q. Can I cancel my Preorder and get a refund?

A. Yes, it’s possible if cancellation is done at least 6 hours before departure. Refunds will be done within 45 minutes but can take longer to reflect for card payments

Q. Which scenarios allow for refunds?

A. Refunds will only be allowed in the below scenarios:

· When flights have been canceled

· When meals have not been offered onboard due to delays or other unforeseen factors

· Voluntary cancellations as long as this is made at least 6 hours before departure

· When guest denied boarding due to medical reason